SWK033 - Solar Powered Kiosk

Solarway's Solar Powered Kiosk is a business in a box. It is a unique business solution offering access to power in areas with no access to electricity. 

It provides opportunity of having a Kiosk with customized branding that can provide power to run business transactions like selling telecom solutions, mobile banking, phone charging, and selling various consumer products.

The Kiosk can be further customized to provide necessary power for running equipment like television, computers, laptops, printers, freezers, etc. 


The flat pack kiosk that can be built and be operational in a matter of hours comes with a solar powered mobile charging station 

Kiosk Specifications

  • Size: 1.9m x 1.9m x 2.3m 50mm XPS SIP
  • Wall & Ceiling panel
  • 50mm XPS flooring panel with reinforced ribs and vinyl tile surface
  • Full Anodized Aluminium Structural frame Front Vending counter opening with galvanized security fence
  • Full size secured door with lock
  • Aluminium ventilation window Pre-installed
  • Solar Panel Mounting Bracket
  • Equipped with 2 LED lights and a mini fan
  • Large external panels to apply branding or advertising
  • 11-Port Phone Charging System with Bright LED Light (more info)
  • 50W Solar Panel