SW022 - Solar Mobile Phone Charger

The smartphone charger has the latest charging technology with an impressive 3000 mAh battery capable of charging the most power hungry smartphone. The charger also has inbuilt LED reading light using 3 powerful white LED’s

Product Features

  • Charges most mobile phones within 1.5 hours
  • Compatible with all phones
  • Can be charged through USB as well as solar power
  • Bright reading light
  • Battery level checker
  • Can function in high temperatures
  • Includes USB charging cable with Mini USB, Micro USB, Nokia 2 mm, Samsung, iPhone 4/4S charging tips

Technical Specifications
  • 3000 mAh Lithium battery
  • 1W in-built Polycrystalline solar panel + additional 2W external solar panel for faster charging
  • 3 bright LED lights with 24 lumens of light intensity