SWI500 - Solar Power System

The Solar Power System is a small inverter which combines lighting and charging functions. This system is designed to be used anywhere in areas with no access to power and can be used in different situations i.e. in a saloon, garage, barn, greenhouse, cabana or dock. 220V AC devices can also be connected to the system and it can power up devices like television, desktop computers, printers, shavers, etc


  • Battery and solar panel size can be easily scaled based on the power consumption
  • Easy to Install

Product Features

  • Battery level indicator
  • Built-in 10A Solar Controller
  • High efficiency and steady AC output
  • 4 x 1A/12V DC output with 4 x 3W LED Bulbs
  • 2 x 1A/5V USB Ports with Mobile phone charging cables
  • 500W Modified Sine Wave Inverter

Recommended Configuration
  • 12V 55Ah battery with 100W Panel or 12V 65Ah battery with 150W Solar Panel